Moving On

After Salisbury we moved on to Didcot, to a farm campsite (St Peters Farm)

Host John Slade was very welcoming, and over the time ahead we had several adventures with him.
Included in those adventures was watching the cooling towers of the old Didcot Power Station being cut down with explosives in the early dawn, and skinning rabbits(!).

  • cooling towers behind bars
    cooling towers behind bars

The “last Hurricane” made several appearances over the time we were there.
  • hurricane
    The Last Hurricane

You can also download a video we made of theĀ Dancer in the Sky
The dogs loved the open spaces and supply of rabbits to chase (almost caught one, once)

We made friends with other longer-term campers and we all shared resources, whether material or information.
Our ice cream was a big hit in summer.

Winter was a bit of a challenge with lowest temperature being minus 12C, and plenty of snow. The water barrel had to be wrapped in bubble-wrap to stop it freezing.

In all this time we kept the sourdough production rolling.

Sadly it all had to come to an end, as due to injury resulting from the Storm at Salisbury and our age we had to consider the next step.

The arrival of Twin Grandchildren swung the balance, and we packed up and set sail for Australia to be the Grandparents and carers of two special little people.

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