runaway parents

It’s OK, just the parents running away!

moving on

Moving On After Salisbury we moved on to Didcot, to a farm campsite (St Peters Farm) Host John Slade was very welcoming, and over the time ahead we had several adventures with him. Included in those adventures was watching the cooling towers of the old Didcot Power Station being cut down with explosives in the […]

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Versatile Caravan Living

Versatile Caravan Living Life Begins with a Caravan The life we have is enriched by the experiences of others, both of who we have met and whom we have read of with similar caravan life. Amongst those similar experience of caravan living we give you the following: Our home in Oxfordshire  – excerpt This is our […]

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UK Caravaneers – living in a caravan

While we chose to live in our Caravan, there are many opportunities to take advantage of the mobility offered, for short-term accommodation. Here are some thoughts you may find appealing about living in a caravan (short-term) CARAVAN AND CAMPING IN THE UK from bestbrighthousefarm, 2 years ago in Business CARAVAN AND CAMPING IN THE UK […]

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a van a man and a storm

A van a man and a storm Battered but not beaten Continuing on from my last post: – The peace and quiet of the countryside was amazing over the following nights. Hearing the owls, and a pheasant who  decided that it was very nice to be able to live under the caravan, at night. The […]

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Grey Nomads launch forth

Grey Nomads launch forth – a tale about a van, a man, his fan and two dogs. This the story of what happened when 2 intrepid people decided to up stakes and head off in a caravan in what  was to be declared the worst recorded wet and windy winter. It all started when the […]

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